Kerry - Inch Beach

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Surf Photography and surf videography available for hire on request in and near the water.

Please contact us here for more info.

ONIT Surf's Inch Beach Surf Web Camera is located on the north end of the strand and looks out to the south west.

Inch Beach is a great location for water and beach based activities. Our ocean temperature doesn't get extremely cold but be sure to bring a wetsuit all the same if you are spending long periods in the ocean. Any of the top wetsuit brands will do the job very well - O'Neill, Rip Curl, Billabong are just a few of these wetsuit companies. (Make sure it is a 5mm suit!)

Inch is great for all kinds of water sports like Surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and kayaking. Inch Beach is a beautiful sandy beach with a slow, beginner and longboarder friendly wave. E to NE is offshore and best swell direction is SW. Best around mid to high tide when even on a small day there can be a pulse in the swell as the tide peaks.

So get out there! Walk, talk surf, swim and top the day off with a nice meal and a pint! 

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