Web Cams

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ONIT Surf Beach & Surf Web Cameras in Ireland are a great way to see exactly what is happening at the beach. We have a number of our own web surf cameras and we have also partnered up similar service providers. Please be sure to click on their Ad links to check out what they have on offer.

Wave forecasting works well these days with all the technology and online resources. But if you are planning a surf, windsurf, kitesurf or anything else then nothing beats a Live View of what is actually happening down the beach right now. We have included a forecast under each web camera giving predictions for wave height, direction and period and also wind strength and direction.

Check out any of the surf web cameras here and see what's really happening down the beach. Feel free to "LIKE" & leave comments on any of our pages.

The map below shows you where we currently have Surfing Beach Web Cameras but you will also see a map at the bottom right of each of our Surf Web Camera pages should you need a closer look at the location again.

Below is a map of Ireland with many of the surf beaches and reefs marked. ALWAYS seek local knowledge when surfing somewhere new. Please note that the map featured below is from a public source and ONIT Media will not be held responsible for the accuracey or inaccuracies that it may or may not have. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS! seek local advice on surfing locations.